Australian Model, Raw Insights: Over 100 Reasons Why Parenthood Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

Model Ellie Gonsalves a 33-year-old model from Australia, recently gave an honest account of her thoughts on parenting, discussing the pros and cons of having children and offering more than a hundred reasons why some people shouldn’t make that decision. In a culture where conversations about family planning are often romanticized, Gonsalves’ forthright observations provide a new perspective on the intricacies of this very individual choice.

Ross Scutts, her 36-year-old husband, was also hurt.

Gonsalves’ business manager, Scutts, said that his partner took the most criticism.
He used abusive language such as “you should die,” “you don’t deserve to be on his earth,” “you’re gonna burn in hell,” and “she’s a disgrace to women,” among other remarks.

Gonsalves, who was born and raised in Australia, shot to fame in the United States after appearing in a Super Bowl commercial in 2017. With thanks to Ross Scutts

One of the primary reasons why people choose not to have children, according to the model who became famous in the United States in 2017 for her white bikini-clad Super Bowl advertisement for Yellow Tail, is because “They are your responsibility until you die.”

Many people agreed with Scutts. For example, seeing yourself as a parent dealing with a child who is being harassed at school. He admitted that he would have difficulty with it.

Gonsalves, 33, had already posted the list on her Instagram story when Scutts learned about it. “I can’t help but wonder, ‘What on earth has she done?'” My spirits plummeted as I realized, “She’s just going to be attacked for this.” With thanks to Ross Scutts

Model Ellie Gonsalves: 117 reasons for not having kids

1. They are YOUR responsibility until the day you die
2. Post partum hair loss
3. You are tired ALL the time
4. Children can inherit emotional trauma
5. The worlds already overpopulated
6. You will watch your child scramble for the already limited resources eg. Jobs, housing etc.
7. You become second priority to your partner
8. Your child can decide to cut you off for whatever reason when they’re older
9. They can be bullied
10. They can be bullies
11. They can turn into a serial killer
12. You will watch them grow up in a world of choos and stress every minute of every day if they are ok
13. Kids can be ungrateful
14. Kids can be rude
15. Kids can be wildly embarrassing
16. Terrible twos
17. There will never be a break from parenthood
18. Rapid pregnancy hair growth
19. They can poo inside you
20. Body swelling
21. Face swelling
22. Body swelling can be accompanied with varicose veins that are extremely painful
23. It’s easier to move without kids
24. Holidays are easier, more fun without kids
25. Flying can be almost impossible with a child
26. You could get an infection in the CS scar
27. You could tear
28. You could get kidney stones from pregnancy
29. You will NOT sleep
30. You will constantly worry about their
31. Their suffering is YOUR suffering
32. The existence of child predators and them
potentially having contact with your child
33. You might bleed 2 months post child birth
34. The doctors will do anything get your baby out, tear your vagina and potentially buttiehole to give room for the babies head
35. They then stitch it all up and send you on your way so you can sit in constant poin while you sit down every time or try and poo
36. Children are noisy
37. Pregnancy can cause diabetes
38. Pregnancy can cause hypertension
39. Your nipples can reach the size of dinnem plotes
40. You’re more susceptible to yeast infectia while pregnant
41. You have to change poopy noppies every day
42. You could die during child birth
43. They will drain you of EVERYTHING YOU HAVE; time, sleep, money.
44. Children throw tantrums
45. Children will learn how to manipulate you
46. They can resent you for things out of your control
47. Children can lead to relationship
48. Then if you’re a single parent you then have to try and find someone who is willin to want to be with a single parent who ism a secret child predator
49. Kids have no sense of boundaries
51. Kids can turn into psychopaths
52. You will have to constantly prioritise your kids needs before your own
53. What if they get abducted?
90. A nipple can fall off while breastfeeding
and will need to he surgically reattached. 91. Your nipples will be painful, chapped and can bleed during breastfeeding especially when your kid grows teeth w
92. I have no patience and hate screaming children
with them
80. You will not be able to do anything fun during pregnancy; great massages? Nup. Facials? Nup. Alcohol! Forget it. Laser? No. Beauty products? Always questionable. 81. Your house will never be tidy 82. Things you love will be ruined
83. You can potentially lose your identity after 101. The baby can fracture your tailbone on exit
93. You will never be alone – EVER. 94. pregnancy nose
95. Pregnancy can cause Nevus sebaceous (don’t google it)
96, Morning sickness (which can actually be all day)
97. Constipation in the third trimester is excruciating
98. A fetus can dig their nails into your uterus 99. A fetus con pee inside you
100. The fetus can poo inside you and if they ingest it they will have breathing problems in the future
if they’re too big
102. You have to make sure every day they don’t die
103. The baby could die during childbirth
104. The baby could suffer from temporary
106.Clogged milk ducts during lactation
107, Bed time can mostly be a nightmare with kids, they’ll kick, scream, cry, and throw tantrums that will shatter yours and your neighbours eardrums
108. You may need a foreceps-assisted delivery 109. Pelvic floor disfunction post delivery 110. Post birth you’ll need to wear a nappy 111. Your house will never be clean again. 112. You will cry.. a LOT.
113. You could have an uncontrollable child screaming for an entire flight
114. You literally have to do what your kids want to do – because they will scream if you don’t and it just ends up easier to do what they want to do because you will be too tired to argue
115. You can get an infection in the cs scar
116. First poo after birth can hurt like hell
117. Your relationship with your fun friends will change

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